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The following tours will help you discover the magic of Bogota - and beyond! We provide a knowledgeable bilingual guide, transportation and entrance fees for the included attractions - all for the price listed with each tour. You are only responsible for any meals or drinks you purchase, and any souvenirs or other items you buy. Children seven and under are half price.

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Bogota's best nightlife!

Here's your opportunity to learn those South American steps! We'll take you to Bogota's most renowned restaurant, Andres D.C. (which must be experienced to be believed), then follow up with a visit to several hopping places in the Zona Rosa, Bogota's nightlife center. Please note: We provide the transportation only! You are responsible for your meals, drinks and cover charges.

Time: 6 hours. Cost: 80 per person. To book this tour, or for more information, please drop us a line.


Andres Carne de Res, Chia

How many restaurants do you know that have on staff a large troupe of actors? And how many sprawl out over several acres? Or have several million bits and pieces of fabulous kitsch dangling from every possible point? That's just the beginning at Andres, one of South America's finest and most famous restaurants. This tour includes transportation to and from Andres Carne de Res on the outskirts of Bogota in Chia. (Please note: this tour only includes transportation to and from Andres in Chia. You will be responsible for the cost of your meal, drinks, etc.)

Time: 4 hours. Cost: $89 for one, $49 for person for two or more (Thursday through Sunday only). To book this tour, or for more information, please drop us a line.


Zipaquira and the "Cathedral of Salt"

Declared by the Colombian government as the "Number One" tourist attraction in the nation, the Salt Cathedral must be seen to be believed. The vast chambers, carved out of a still-working salt mine, hold moving art representing the 12 "Stations of the Cross" (Christ's Passion), and chapels, plus a magnificent multi-chambered cathedral nave. New at the site are a reflecting pool, expanded gift shop area (with emeralds starting at $5), and an enjoyably silly 3-D movie on the construction of the salt mine. (Note: The Salt Cathedral is closed the first working day of every month.)

Time: 5 hours. Cost: $89 per person for groups of two or more. $119 for one person. To book this tour, or for more information, please drop us a line.


Laguna de Guatavita

Guatavita Lagoon is the source of the El Dorado legend, the mystical "city of gold" sought by early Spanish explorers. The legend wasn't entirely a fiction: the indigenous Muisca people conducted ceremonies with gold and emeralds on the lake, which they considered sacred.

The guided hike to the top of the crater takes you through the history of the ancient Muisca people, their customs, religion and way of life from pre-Colombian times to the present. The crater is located an hour's walk from the park entrance. Though the lake is found above 9,000 feet, the walk isn't strenuous. The hike winds through a forest of exotic flora and fauna, offering stunning vistas of the Andean highlands framed with wildflowers. The hike culminates with a Muisca sunset ritual at the top.
(Note: Laguna de Guatavita is closed the first working day of every month.)

Cost: $89 per person for groups of two or more. $119 for one person. To book this tour, or for more information,
please drop us a line.


The Cathedral of Salt and Laguna Guatavita

Enjoy both of Bogota's biggest tourist attractions in one fun-filled day!

Time: 9 hours. Cost: $170 for one person, or $119 per person for groups of two or more.  (Please note: Both sites are closed on the first working day of each month.) To book this tour, or for more information, please drop us a line.



Coffee Plantation/Tequendama Falls Tour

Love coffee? Here's a fun way to learn more about this incredible product - right from the source! (Here's one interesting fact: Did you know that coffee is the second largest commodity in the world? Only oil has a great trade value.) Hacienda Casa Coloma, a picturesque and active coffee, plantation, is located just 90 minutes from Bogota. We depart from your hotel in Bogota at 9 a.m. and make our way through the beautiful countryside to this destination. Once there, you'll learn all about Colombia's most famous product: how coffee is grown, harvested and prepared for shipping. And you'll enjoy tasting a delicious cup or two, right from the source! This tour also includes a visit to the fabulous Tequendama Falls and the famous "haunted hotel" that overlooks the falls. Return to Bogota at approximately 4 p.m. (Longer, overnight tours are also available. Just ask!)

Cost: $145 per person for two or more; includes transportation and guided tour ($170 for one person). To book this tour, or for more information, please drop us a line.


Villa de Leyva

We depart from your hotel in Bogota at 9:00 a.m. and drive to Villa de Leyva. Declared a national monument in 1954, Villa de Leyva is an exquisitely well-preserved colonial town, with cobblestone streets and whitewashed walls. We will tour the town on foot, enjoying the splendid architecture and several of the town's half dozen museums. Leyva, which was established in 1572, is still home to several thousand residents who proudly welcome visitors to their famous village. Leyva is particularly magical after the tour buses have departed and the townsfolk have settled in for a quiet evening.  (Overnight stay not included.)

Cost: $240 per person for transportation, tolls and entry fees. Meals are additional.  To book this tour, or for more information, please drop us a line.


Chicaque National Park

Chicaque National Park, just one hour from Bogota, provides a beautiful introduction to Colombia's spectacular natural wonders.

Take a hike, or ride horseback through the towering forest. Want more adventure? Take a tree-top ride on a zipline, or climb up to

the Roblegrande Nest, 82 feet up in a 200 year old oak tree, then rappel back down. We recommend spending the night, and particularly recommend staying in one of the parks's very cool treehouses.

Cost: For a two-day visit, the cost is $189 for one and $349 for two. That includes transportation and entry fees to the park. Meals,

accommodations and activities fees are not included. To book this tour, or for more information, please drop us a line.


Tequendama Falls

Villa de Leyva

Villa de Leyva

Bogota at night

Bogota at night


Chiquinquira Cathedral

Miner's Chapel, Salt Cathedral

Miner's Chapel, Salt Cathedral

Laguna de Guatavita

Laguna de Guatavita

Coffee Plantation

Group Tours



We host groups
of 10 to 30 with appropriate transportation (i.e, a mini-bus or the real thing). Just check out the itineraries at right and make your choice! We created these tours to please everyone, from the history buffs, to the architectural aficionados, to the night owls. Our children's tours are among the
 most popular!

The itineraries are based on our long experience and knowledge of Bogota and the surrounding towns and villages.

Each tour package includes everything - pick up and drop off at your hotel, entrance fees to the various attractions, and lunch or dinner, if one is included in the itinerary. If you choose an overnight excursion, rest easy knowing your hotel tab is already included. (Note: you're on your own for alcoholic drinks and souvenirs.)

We require a 20 percent deposit on the full price of your tour. If you cancel at least two weeks in advance, it's fully refundable. For groups of ten or more, be sure to ask about a discount.

Airport Pick-Up and Drop-Off

This is an invaluable service because the Bogota air terminal can be more than a little intimidating. We will pick up you
and your party upon arrival at Bogota Eldorado Airport and escort you to your hotel, where we will ensure that your accommodations are satisfactory. On your departure day we arrive at your hotel in ample time to ensure you have
a stress-free trip back to the airport. We will help you through the elaborate airline check-in process.

Cost: $30 per person each way for groups of 2 to 4 people, $24 for groups of 4+. There is a 20% surcharge for times between
9 p.m. and 6 a.m. To book this service, or for more information, please drop us a line.

Experience some of the world's best high-adrenaline adventures with Tours of Colombia!

Raft the La Vieja River
Treehouse in Chicaque National Park

Spend the night in a treehouse in Chicaque National Park!

Raft the La Vieja River!


Adventure Tours!

In and near Bogota there are great opportunities to climb, swing, fly and raft. Go on a horseback ride (spaghetti western, anyone?) raft on white water, hike a canyon, take flight in a mini-airplane, rappell (abseil) down a waterfall, paraglide, zip on a line, go caving and much more.

Or just visit some of the natural parks within the area, where the wildlife and the plant life are astounding in their variety and beauty.

We'll work with you to create just

the right experience. To book
an adventure, or for more information

Old Bogota on foot: Monserrate, Candelaria, Museo De Oro

We pick you up at your hotel (or at the airport if you have an extended layover) and head to Monserrate, the beautiful old monastery that looks down on Bogota. We take a ride up to Monserrate, tour the sanctuary,  take in the view from 2,000 feet above Bogota and bargain with the many artisans. After the ride down, we proceed to the Candelaria area, walk through Plaza Bolivar and past the President's Palace before taking lunch at a typical Bogota restaurant. After lunch we visit the Botero Museum

to see the famous painter's works, including a thunder-jowled Mona Lisa. The museum also includes works by Picasso, Monet, Renoir and Matisse. We stop for a cup of coffee at a local coffee shop, then walk to the Museum of Gold to marvel at the 30,000 pre-Colombian gold artifacts. (Note: the Gold Museum is closed on Mondays.)

Time: 6 hours. Cost: $89 per person for groups of two or more. $119 for one person. To book this tour, or for more information, please drop us a line.

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