Colombia is a year-round party. Check out these festivals!

University students in the annual Paipa "Bandas Concursos" parade, featuring bands from every region of Colombia. Be there! Video by Graham Weldon

Colombians love to party!

Join us – and perhaps learn a few new dance steps. Tours of Colombia can help you enjoy the biggest celebrations of the year. Here's a calendar of select events. Drop us a line for more information.

JanuaryFestival and Pageant of Panela (Villeta)

Panela is a brown sugar concoction that "sweetens coffee and sweetens life." Enjoy this festival in Villeta, the panela capital of the world.


Honey Festival (Santander)

Oiba is known as the "paradise of honey" and celebrates its wealth each year. There's a Honey Beauty Contest, parades and lots of costumes. Devils an witches fill the streets. And oh, the honey-sweetened food!

Watching the parade in Paípa
Villa de Leyva Light Festival

Bullfighting in Bogota

Watching the parade in Paípa

Safety check at the Paípa parade
Wind & Kite Festival at the Villa de Leyva

Safety check at the Paípa parade

Wind and Kite Festival,
Villa de Leyva

National Band Competition in Paípa

Festival of Culture

Medellin Orchid



Bullfighting in Bogota
Medellin Orchid

Barranquilla Carnival (Barranquilla)

Colombia's biggest folklore festival of the year, and one of the

biggest carnivals in the world!


Bull Ring Season (Bogota)

Spain's legacy lives in Bogota's fabulous bull ring.


Orchid International Show (Medellin)

Colombia is home to the largest variety of orchids in the world.
Celebrate these exotic beauties in Medellin.


Ibero-American Theater Festival (Bogota)

This bi-annual event showcases the performing arts, including circus, cabaret, musicals, live bands, dance pieces, reenactments of the classics and more.


International Festival of Culture (Tunja)

Art exhibitions, film, theater, meetings, rock, jazz, bolero
and tango - the "Festival of Culture" has it all.


International Book Festival (Bogota)

This annual event brings together the world to celebrate
and talk about books. Authors, publishers,  editors, printers
and book lovers all gather in Bogota.



Artesianas Show

Villa de Leyva Light Festival

Artesianas Show
Medellin Festival of Flowers

Medellin Flouer Festival


Coffee National Pageant
(Coffee Country Quindio)

Good times, in the heart of coffee country.


Tango Fesival (Medellin)

Did we mention Colombians love to dance? Join in, in the city of "eternal spring."


Opera at the Park (Bogota)

Join with thousands of Bogotanos for these free concerts.


International Joropo Event (Villavicencio)

This storied festival is a celebration of the music and culture
of the plains. Food, music and dancing.


Festival of Flowers (Medellin)

Colombia is one of the world's great flower-growing and flower-exporting countries. Medellin celebrates with parades, including dancers in elaborately detailed costumes made of flowers!


Summer Festival (Bogota)

Concerts, kite shows, salsa and monster truck madness!
What more could you want?


Wind and Kite Festival (Villa de Leyva)

Go fly a kite - or watch pros do their tricks - all in the beautiful colonial town of Villa de Leyva.


National Band Competition (Paipa)

Bands from across Colombia gather to fill this
charming small town with the sound of music.


Stone Carving Festival (Barichara)

Every two years the city of Barichara celebrates its
most famous art form - stone carving.


Trova Festival (Medellin)

Celebrating the culture of Colombia.


Jazz at the Park (Bogota)

Concerts and more, free in Bogota.


Tourism National Pageant (Girardot)

Pomp and circumstance and partying.
One of Colombia's oldest and best-loved festivals.


Light Festival (Villa de Leyva)

City streets become a blaze of light, with sidewalks, balconies, and terraces covered with lighted candles. This is the traditional Noche de las velitas: "night of the little candles."


Artesanias Show (Bogota)

This massive annual show provides a showcase for
Bogota's best artisans.

Festival of Culture in Tunja

Festival of Culture in Tunja

National Band Competition in Paípa
Dancers at the Festival of Culture





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